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Certified Professional Coach & Career Services from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast
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Why Hire a Coach?


If you still want to dream, accomplish life or career goals with intention and move forward in life, coaching can help make it happen. The process of co-active coaching regards the client as creative, resourceful and whole. Coaching is NOT therapy, nor is it consulting. I will not tell you what to do, but will help you unravel the knots in your life so you can discover your own answers.

Together, a coach and client create a powerful alliance to help you can reach your dreams and goals.

Coaching is a catalyst for change.


Ready to find your Beckon Call?

Contact Barbara Wulf: Office: (920) 725-2930 Mobile: (612) 669-6375
Certified Personal & Professional Life Coach & Career Services
Coaching from Menasha, Wisconsin and Sarasota, Florida

Barb helped me get out of my "tunnel vision" and see a bigger picture...

— Cindy M. Professional, Federal Prison

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