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Barb helped me get out of my "tunnel vision" and see a bigger picture...

– Cindy M. Professional, Federal Prison


I went to beckon call to get a better handle on how to get things done, both personally and professionally. I also wanted to learn to relax more.

Barb was helpful in that she was very realistic and positive with me. She was good at keeping me from over-promising or over-scheduling myself. She also was good at helping me realize that there would be days that I would not accomplish all of my goals and that I should not get frustrated with this. She was very positive to keep me on track and not get down on myself.

Barb is very approachable, down to earth and is very observant. She is very good at making me, and everyone, feel important! She would listen to my spoken words but also read my body language and sense things that I perhaps was not saying. She truly focuses on the whole person, which was something that I was looking for in a coach.

– Stephanie, Small Business Owner


Barb helped me get organized and unstuck in developing my marketing/job search strategy by giving me the confidence to do other work outside my current job. Barb challenged me to get to know my skill sets better through homework and discussion. This helped me better structure my resume and cover letter to concentrate on the positives to gain a lot of energy and hope from week to week. Your coaching helped me get that extra push to challenge myself and find what I want out of a career.

– Walter Smith, Business/IT Analyst


When I first began a relationship with Barb as my coach, I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like this in the past, and was a bit hesitant to take the first step. I knew that I had issues in my life, which were causing me pain and not being addressed. Things were going down hill fast. Barb helped to pull me up and sort through my life's clutter, and lay issues out on the table. The issues were prioritized and addressed. Barb gives me valuable tools and ideas, which I could not come up with on my own. I know that she is just a phone call away, and this gives me great comfort. I look forward to our next call, and resolving another bump in the path of life.

– Joslyn Carney, Memorial Blood Centers


Coaching helped me first to step back and look at my life as a whole. By taking the time to look at my values, I was able to start prioritizing the things I wanted to change and then to set goals from there. I was able to start prioritizing the things I wanted to change and then to set goals from there. Some of the areas in which I was able to see improvements were decision-making and learning to accept the decisions made, taking a more proactive and direct appraoch to work situations, realizing that the social part of my "wheel" also deserved attention, and weight-loss.

I always appreciated the questions that Barb asked. She didn't tell me what to do, but asked the questions that made me think. She was able to recognize things beneath the surface that I wasn't always able to see. I also liked the use of structures to visualize what we were working on.

Using the whole idea that we have these 'gremlins' was also really helpful to me. It's still a concept that I turn back to again and again. One of the most important things that Barb did as my coach was to help me realize that I needed to look at all areas of my life. Focusing on only a few areas and neglecting others can create an imbalance."

– Becky S., Tax Accountant


For many years, I had thought about having a life coach to help me deal with some of the rough spots that come up in life. I had never thought, however, about what style the coaching would take or what would take place during the coaching time. It was so exciting to see how much I enjoyed talking with Barb during our coaching time -- and how much we accomplished. I'm really excited to see what still lies ahead.

In the process of looking for a job, life somehow always interrupts. With Barb as my coach, I was able to talk about these interruptions and how frustrating it was to try to stay on course. She always helped me regain my perspective on life. Barb was my "touch point" when I needed something to keep me sane during the job hunt process. She also helped me when the time came to make a decision on a new job.

I have recommended Barb many times since I first started working with her. Her manner of coaching and the personal touch she gives during the coaching process would definitely be an asset to those looking for help in one or all facets of their life.

– Jan Rigsby. Neely International, Owner/Consultant


Barb helped me to keep focus on the important areas of my life that go to the back burner when more pressing and sometimes less important demands are made of my time.

– Eileen Kelly, President, E.T. Kelly & Associates, LLC


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