Barbara Wulf MS, CPCC, GCDF
Certified Professional Coach & Career Services from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast
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Professional Coach, Barbara Wulf speaks on topics related to the Power of Coaching, Career Management, ReCareering for the second-half-of-life, Work/Life Balance, Leadership, and Personal Growth from the inside-out.



  • The Power of Coaching - Should I hire a coach? Why would I want a coach? What is Coaching all about?
  • Coaching...What's the Buzz? - What is coaching and who benefits from having a coach. Find out more about this evolving occupation.
  • Life, It's a Balancing Act - Balance, we all want it, yet it eludes us...Explore the elements of balance, coping skills and how come back into balance.
  • Life Fulfillment, Can I Really Have It? - Are you stuck doing the status quo and feeling bored, flat or frustrated? Take time to explore your options. You might be holding yourself prisoner and didn't realize it.
  • Goal Setting with Success - It sounds easy, yet we can sabotage ourselves and not reach our goals. Take a deeper look at where you get stuck and why you struggle to obtaining your desired results.
  • Awakening the Intuitive Self - Intuition is called the sixth sense. We have it, but do we use it, trust it, and listen to it. Learn how to grow your intuitive sense.
  • The Leader in Me - Leaders are born and leaders are created. Find your leadership potential. Learn how to cultivate leadership skills and be a leader in your own life!
  • Living Large in These Times - Stress, unemployment, resession, depression, can we strive in the world and not merely survive.
  • What's My Personality Type? - What is your personality type? Find out with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Then, learn how you can be more productive and read others to have improved communication, relationships and productivity.
  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors - Learn the basics of coaching and enhance your management and supervisory skills.
  • It's All about Me ... Living Out of the Box! - A fun-filled personal exploration of the ME elements of Exuberance, Energy, Enthusiasm, and Execution.
  • Time to ReCareer? - A job seeker in second-half-of-life might ask, "how can I find a job doing something else, something I really enjoy?" We change, we evolve, but sometimes our work does not. Or, perhaps your employment has changed, and you are asked to do more with less…more stress, less reward. Maybe it's time to explore ReCareering.

Presentation Rate - Negotiable depending on the size of the group and length of presentation

Your presentation at the Mount Olivet Singles Group brought a new focus, which was fun! You were a blessing to our group!

— Pastor Carrie, Mount Olivet Lutheran
Church, Minneapolis, MN

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