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Resumes and Cover Letters

The word “resume” in French means “summing up.” A resume is a necessary tool in today’s world of work where you need to sum up, articulate or translate your education, skills, accomplishments and experience to potential employers. The format for a resume has changed over the years and having a current resume layout along with professional wording is essential to be competitive in today’s job market. Let me help you find the right words to appeal to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so your resume will be noticed.


Who Needs a Resume?

  • Working adults with solid work records who used to land a position by filling out an application.
  • A college student who is graduating and preparing for a career. A resume can help summarize college coursework, campus involvement and work experience. It can help you obtain an internship, study abroad and prepare for interviewing.
  • A person who has not worked for a number of years or has had an interrupted career path. A resume can help you smooth out the details and make you a more competitive candidate.
  • Military personnel who are entering the civilian workforce. A resume can translate your training and experience using language that will be understood by human resources and online search engines.
  • Someone who is facing a downsizing or elimination of work. A great resume will add momentum to your job search.
  • Someone who is changing careers or refocusing a career path. A well-crafted resume will help you transition to a new industry or role.
  • Those in the second half of life or those who recently retired or are looking to recareer with new work options, entrepreneurism or volunteerism.


Leave the writing to me and I'll create your professional message to get your career search in high gear!


Resume Rates

  • Resume writing ranges from $175 to $400. A firm quote will be given once your individual needs and career objectives are understood.
  • Cover Letters start at $100.
  • Thank You Letters start at $75.
  • LinkedIn & Other Social Media Profiles, $100 - $150.
  • Career Bios, $150.

Resume Diagnosis

Time for a change or update? Feeling stuck for the right words? Get my professional diagnosis and advice for $50.00.


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Thanks so much for your help! Honestly, I have been so paralyzed in the past in transforming my work life into 2 pages. You made it easy with your know-how and wonderful writing skills!

— Jean Conway, Jean Conway Coaching, Inc.

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