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Considering to ReCareer?

With over 6 million Americans left jobless in 2009, the term “ReCareering” became part of our vocabulary as the job market struggled along with the global economy. ReCareer, Inc. has developed the only assessment based program to focus exclusively on the second half of life to aid millions of adults in their ReCareer search.

If you are unemployed, underemployed, dissatisfied with your employment or early retired, ReCareer Coaching might be for YOU! Let me help you find your authentic work, uncover your renewed life purpose or answer the question, “what’s next?” with ReCareering.

ReCareering starts with the ReCareer Success Inventory (RSI) which is available for $120 through my website. Click here and you will be relocated to ReCareer Inc.

What do you get for $120?

  • The results of the RSI as a 25-page PDF will be emailed to you.
  • A one-hour interpretation with me, your Certified ReCareer Coach, in-person or by phone. (I am currently the only Certified ReCareer Coach in Wisconsin.)
  • An emailed PDF that outlines the book, ReCareer: Find Your Authentic Work by Richard Johnson, PhD. This resource that will help you understand the importance of ReCareering and reinforce your RSI results.

Want more?

Let’s continue our coaching conversations to help you address the 15 core competencies that can propel you to a successful ReCareer transition. We will take a deeper look at what is challenging and holding you back, as well as applaud your strengths. Once you know what needs attending, you are ready to ReCareer! Contact me to get started.

Ready to find your Beckon Call?

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Barb helped me get organized and unstuck in developing my marketing/job search strategy by giving me the confidence to do other work outside my current job. (More)

— Walter Smith, Business/IT Analyst

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