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As a certified personal and professional life coach, I have over 25 years of experience in education and career consulting. Whether I was teaching students new concepts or helping adults recreate their career paths, my mission has always been to support people to stretch and grow so they can reach their potential and dreams. I feel it is a waste of the human spirit when people hold back and live life small and contained. It’s a lot like rowing a boat with one oar … it’s slow going, take a lot of energy, the scenery gets a little boring … and quite frankly, it doesn’t get you that far.

I earned my master’s degree in counseling from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh and am a certified Global Career Development Facilitator. I am qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator profile, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and
Greater Madison, WI Area ICF Chapter.

My training as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach was completed at the Coaching Training Institute (CTI). I earned a professional coaching designation of ACC from the ICF, and am the only ReCareer Certified Coach in the State of Wisconsin. Through my coaching, I help clients gain personal growth with clarity and focus, redesign their lives, and create life purpose with intention, clarity and action.

After working in the career development area for several years (which I loved), I often felt like a piece was missing in our career services. I became more curious about the missing piece, the “what else” is needed? Often the lyrics of that old Peggy Lee song would run through my head, “Is that all there is?” She goes on to sing, “ … if that’s all there is … then let’s keep dancing.” I knew I did not want to keep dancing to the same tune, I wanted a change of music, a new rhythm ... in fact, I wanted to write the song. Something started to stir in me. I was searching, on a quest. Where else could I take my career to be of service to these clients who were looking for direction on their career path? How could I take my career to the next level to be of service to them and myself?

My life mantra is, Make a Difference. If I don’t feel I am fulfilling this mission, I start to live in the status quo and eventually feel stressed, underachieving and flat. It doesn’t serve me to fake it because I know I lose in the end. I knew I had reached that plateau in my work and was ready to act on it.

That’s when the universe delivered. As I completed a yearlong class to expand my career development savvy, I met a coach who was the guest presenter at our class. Not just a coach, a life coach, personal coach. That meeting has made all the difference! I talked with her to learn more about the process of coaching, did research, attended a sample weekend coaching training workshop, had some coaching sample sessions, and eventually hired a coach for myself!

Eventually, I launched my coaching practice with the name beckon call.

What beckon call is waiting for you? What needs attending? Where is your life’s work taking you? Are you in charge of your life, in the driver’s seat of your life, or merely a passenger?

The process of coaching helps us to slow down and to be with ourselves. That’s where truth is revealed. Clarity is found. Focus becomes clearer. Knowledge is revealed, followed by action. Find your beckon call.

If not now, when?


Ready to find your Beckon Call?

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Certified Personal & Professional Life Coach & Career Services
Coaching from Menasha, Wisconsin and Sarasota, Florida

For many years, I had thought about having a life coach to help me deal with some of the rough spots that come up in life. I had never thought, however, about what style the coaching would take or what would take place during the coaching time. It was so exciting to see how much I enjoyed talking with Barb during our coaching time — and how much we accomplished. I'm really excited to see what still lies ahead. (More)

— Jan Rigsby. Neely International,

Barbara Wulf Beckon Call
– Barbara Wulf, Owner
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